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1.0 Small Retail Business Management Consultant


Carrot Tomato is a registered trademark wholly owned by Kampong Koh Australia Ltd. Pty., based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our trademark is under Class 35 - Goods & Services, for Home & Giftware.

Our aim is to provide consultancy services in managing a sustainable business model that we had experienced for more than 5 years. Our model takes into account of having highly- sought-for products, an appealing display, irresistible prices, a reliable control system & management style, convenient add-on services, etc.

It has to be noted that the profitability and risks associated with the business are dependent on various factors such as the rental, consumer group(s), effectiveness in operation of the retail outlets, etc.

With the present challenging economy, a sustainable business with a minimum capital outlay is what we all need, and here at Carrot Tomato it's what we are aiming for. We believe that it would only get better when the economy returns to normal.

Fact Sheet

What: Home & Giftware retail business

  • Rental (including outgoings) maximum $xx,xxx
  • Floor space 100m2 – 140m2
  • Foot traffic 12 persons / 5 minutes
  • Contact us: 04 2610 1832
  • Come and visit us at: Shop 11 Richmond Plaza Retail, 261 Bridge Road, Richmond, VIC
Duration: 6 - 12 months to search for a suitable store.
Set-up: Allow up to 6 months.

Where: Within Victoria, Australia.